tk_04 (tk_04) wrote,

bFriends or not friends?

It been a while since I post something here. I gotta say I kind of forgot about it. well, last night something happen to me. As this moment I still hurt and confuse about my relationship toward my two ..... to be correct supposedly my best friend. Well, they really prove I was wrong. Both of them know how much thoughts I have to do this birthday party. Apparently, they don't care or thought of me. They left to the club while I was buzz and don't know exactly what going on. They really hurt me. What shock me the most is the guy that I don't care much about it stood beside me to make sure I am ok before he left home. He even told them not to leaven to he club which they end going. Thanks a lot. Good think I was drunk or pass out. I remember most what happen that night. After the party my brother and me clean the places before head to bed. Of course, I couldn't sleep. My head hurt.
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