Watash no nama wa TK

My name is TK

27 March 1985
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I consider myself an tomboy. I am somewhat a heartless, funny, outgoing, nice, odd, and weird. Don't have a lover, yet. Don't need one. me. At first I seem to mean but after you get to know me I not that bad.

My first site that I host... Nani Nani Nada more like I join and made a page for myself.

I must say I Love Yaoi. If you really like to know me and be buddies you can always follow me on Twitter or go to my Yaoi Channel blog.

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My current obsession manga is "The breaker" which is not yaoi or bl. I tell you the manga is so freaken funny. Read I read the first chapter I fall in love with it. It has amaze drawing and great fighting scene. I love the fact is not base on love loved kind crap story.

My current favorite anime is "One Pieces" I tell you I love Luffy. He so freak funny. I just love when he talk when he get exciting. The manga just getting interesting. The marine going to execute his older brother Ace. I just love it when he turn into Chibi. He so cute. >__